Slots Superstitions - Superstitions When Playing Slots

Though there are many superstitions regarding the slot machines, yet the outcomes are entirely random and are decide by a chip called RNG.

Superstitions in gambling

Superstitions in Slots

Those who have played the game might know that these games involve many superstitions. Logically everything is random; however, it is hard to ignore the superstitions. You can find many players who play on the slot machines close to the entrance. Some play during daytime and some play while wearing certain apparel.

There is another group that introduces numerology to this game. Many players do not play thirteen lines on a Friday or Tuesday. Chinese consider the numbers 4 and 58 negative and 8 with 3 and 6 with 9 as lucky.

Some of the superstitions

Some superstitions, comprehensive, and some are very vast. For instance, players sometimes move to a new machine after winning on particular machine.

However, all the slot machines are in fact operates on a RNG (random number generator). The slots do not regard the one that actually pulls the lever. Therefore, moving from one machine to another will have no impact on the result. Slots should be enjoyed as a game.

Believe or Not?

Some people still believe that the slot machines have their own brains. They think that these machines actually wait to payout to a chosen player. Moreover, if they can fool the machine then that player can actually be them. Such people sit at the machines for hours. Another group considers that if the machine has just paid out, then they either should move immediately to a new machine or should stay to expand their play. They think that a machine "Knows". In both the situations, the machine is given an influential brain that can comprehend the payout process.

However, the fact is that the RNG or random number generator selects the symbols that will be displayed on the reels. This why, at times when you sit hours at a machine it does not pay, but sometimes it pays instantly. The main deciding factor of this game is the payout percentage. The number is but preset in the machine. It is not a moving numeral but it is a programmed one. You would definitely like to play the game with higher payout, but you should not expect a machine to pay as it has not paid for some time.

Some people believe that if slot machine pays once, then it will not pay to recover the money that was lost. This is also not true, as the machine use a RNG. This system reset each time a player hit "spin" button. It is not true that a machine that knows to hit or to recover the money it paid out. The slots are completely random and there is no rhythm in the payouts.