Basic Slots Strategies - How to Play Slots Online Wisely

There are numerous guides on slot strategies. However, some are interesting with good names and some are not as good guides like the others.

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Basic strategies and tips

Slots Strategies

Slot machine strategies guides

  1. Winning Methods for Hitting the Jackpot written by Maclntyre Symms

    Tips for Money management are offered by the synopsis. John Patrick might sue Mr. Symms on the dispute of money management as he invented this policy, but we guess they have solved this problem.

    Something interesting attracted me towards this one. Professor Symms offer many funny tips about how to use your money after winning a jackpot.

  2. Winning Strategies at the Slot Machine written by Claude Halcombe

    This title is also very solid. This one consists of a sub title, however, this one is to the point and very brief.

    Claude Halcombe could be French, although last name is British. He is charged of moralizing, which is the outcome of self-loathing. What we liked a lot was the discussion on 'luck management' techniques. This can be an instance on the purple prose, which we expected from this book. It also comprises of a spreadsheet.

  3. Secrets of Modern Slots written by Larry Mak

    There is no sub-title and we personally do not have faith in this guide. Therefore, we will stay away from this one.

  4. Answer book of Slot machine

    How they work, how they've changed, and how to overcome the house edge: written by John Grochowski.

    This one has an imposing name. This tells you about the topics on its mind. This book utilizes the Socratic Method in order to get the truth of the slot machines. The writer put forwards a question and then it is answered accordingly. The thing that we do not like is the quiz questions so we just left that thing behind like the book by Larry Mak.

    Well this book has no mention about the slot systems. A general talk on slot industry is included, which is interesting but not meant for our purpose.

    In the end, John Grochowski is respected a lot in this business. You will not have fun while you listen to his advice.

  5. 100 Slots Strategy Guide written by Avery Cardoza

    There is no editorial synopsis in this one and no buyer reviews. The author's expertise is not suggested by anything. However, the title implies that there can be 100 diverse systems to play slots. Avery Cardoza has bested the four-fold of John Patrick.