Slots Cheating - Is it Possible to Cheat a Slot Machine?

There was an irregularity in one of the slot machines manufactured by WMS. This affected the whole gambling industry and the players as well.

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Slots Cheating

Some of the WMS slots products are among the fresh findings of a software anomaly, with which players can cheat the slot machines.

The security anomaly in Detroit

This security anomaly was exposed at Motor City Casino, which is in Detroit, Michigan. The players found out a method of manipulating the bill acceptor and get more credits.

At times when the truthfulness of the games is questioned, the players look at the owners with cynical eye. This case is a similar one with devastating outcomes.

The disclaimer decal affixed to the gaming devices, have been seen by most of the players, which says that if someone hit a jackpot that is defective, then the jackpot will be taken as void.

All the programs of slot machines is examined when it pay out a jackpot. In case, any irregularity is found then the payoff is held until this problem is researched.

Casinos try a lot to preserve a game's integrity. It is still tempting to play slots that are malfunctioning as they pay out extra credits or provide free spins. However, you should inform the floor personnel otherwise, your edge would be negated by losing the jackpot.

The impact of this security anomaly

One of the world's largest slot machine producers is WMS. Even after the isolation of the Detroit casino problem, this company is compelled to rectify the problem of the machines in almost all the casinos all through the country.

This has placed the gaming industry in a dilemma about other machines manufactured by different companies.

The method used for cheating the machines was not easy at all. It took a lot of effort, but if the glitch is reveled then the rest is easy.

This glitch can be rectified if one replaces a new chip with the defective chip.

A variety of video slots products are manufactured by WMS including Monopoly, Jackpot Party, Reel'em In, as well as Top Banana. This malfunction affected just a small portion of the machines. Moreover, no cheating case was further reported outside Detroit.

In Indiana and Illinois, all the WMS machines were disabled, but not in Nevada. The casinos lost a lot by disabling the slot machines. However, you can be sure that the computer upgrading will be completed with dispatch.

Until then, the casinos are taking security precautions all through the country to avoid any kind of manipulation of currency acceptors or other aspects of the machines. Once the perception of vulnerability is out, people try to exploit on it by many ways.

After the fraud with the currency acceptor, that happened in Detroit, all the manufacturers of slot machines are addressing this problem.