Slot Machine Types and Popular Online Slots

Guide to slots: the most famous types of slots such as wild symbol slots, jackpot slots game, multiple coin slot machines, bonus multiple slots.

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Slots machines

Popular Types of Slots

Since Charles Fey invented the first slot machine named the Liberty Bell 120 years ago, they have become big slot games, which have hardly changed in use. The rules in slot casinos are quite simple: you insert coins, pull the lever and are waiting for the result.

Due to the modern technologies there appeared a variety of slot machines, functions of which differ. In order to choose the most favorable slot machine, you should study the so called guide to slots with their advantages and disadvantages.

Types of slots

Slot machine types

As it has been mentioned before the variations of slots is tremendous. Each of them is unique, interesting and exciting. The main difference lies in the quantity of reels bonuses and slot symbols. Reels may count from 3 to 21, but they occur seldom.

Wild symbol Slots

These machines accept multiple-coins bet either. But they have a symbol which can substitute any other symbol. It called a "wild symbol".

For example, there are 2 bars and the third one is a wild symbol. It means that the third one is substituted by a wild symbol and it is a winning combination with three bars.

Jackpot slots game

If you are aiming to receive really large amount of money you are to choose jackpot slots game. This type of slot games as well as progressive slots gives opportunity to win even million dollars.

There are several levels which increase the winning chances very much. For example Mega Moolah slot game has four jackpots in the different levels within one game.

Multiple coin slot machines

Multiple Coin Slot machines which are usually connected with each other by a network. That's why the jackpot in such machines depends on the previous players' bets and contributions. For this very reason such jackpot can be really huge.

Bonus multiple slots

Bonus multiple slots give an additional bonus if you make maximum bet and hit a certain combination. In most cases it increases your winning.