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Online gaming rules at casinos

Slot Rules

A slot machine comprises of the Random Number Generator that selects a random numbers. On a 3 reel electromechanical slot, most of the slots are independent. This implies that the slot machine selects a different number for every reel. The reels of a 5-reel slot are generally dependent, meaning that a slot machine selects a set of five reels at the same time.

In a 3-reel slot game, the random number generator selects 3 random numbers and each number match up to stop on every reel. Then the reels stop on the selected spots as directed by the slot machine. The basic principle is similar for 5-line video slots in which five numbers are selected randomly for all the reels.


An important thing to note is that the game is over while the reel still spins, as the RNG by now has chosen the stops, but the reels still spins as a courtesy towards the player. The reels are actually not even required by the slot machines. The existence of the reels in fact makes no big difference in the slot game. They just display the selection of the computer.

A reel comprises of many symbols that stretch across twenty-two stops. The blanks are counted as stops. It is commonly believed that as there are eleven blanks the chances of hitting one 50 percent and as there is one jackpot symbol the chances of hitting a jackpot if 1-in-22. However, this is wrong as the computer selects a numeral from 1 to 128, each number is mapped to particular symbols. For instance, if the computer selects #53, which is a blank, then it directs the reel to halt on a blank. In case, the computer selects #127, and then a reel halts on a jackpot symbol.

We say that a slot machine reel is weighted, when the majority of numbers are mapped to lower-paying symbols. Therefore, they have more chances of being chosen, so a player does not have 1 in 22 chances of hitting a jackpot. The actual odds are 1 in 64 or 2 in 128. Moreover, you have 73 in 128 probability of drawing a blank.


You get 2 in 128 probabilities of landing on first stop and 8 in 127 probabilities of hitting the stop 5, which is the Red 7. It is worth noticing the jackpot symbol is surrounded by blanks that are heavily weighted.

When you move from one reel to the other the weighting of numbers gets heavier, so the chances of a hit is high during the early games. The outcome is another near-miss effect.