Myths and Legends About Slot Machines

There are many myths and legends around the slot games, but then the question comes that what is fiction, and what is fact?

The stories about slots

Myths and Legends

From the time the first slot machine was invented hundred years back, many players have been devoted and fascinated towards the slot games. This game is very entertaining and one can win a huge amount of money through these machines. This is especially the case with progressive jackpots. This is evident that we combine chance and luck with this entertaining pursuit.

  • Situation 1: Sometimes when you go to have a drink after playing for hours, and then someone else come and wins at that machine. You think that if you stayed then you would have hit that jackpot.

    This is completely fiction. The slot machines work through the RNG (random number generator). Therefore, the outcome of every spin is random. You had similar chances of hitting the jackpot like that player.

  • Situation 2: sometime you wish to try your fortune on a machine, on which someone just won a jackpot. Then you make your mind up to try a different machine as the first one had paid already.

    As told earlier, the time when the machine pay out is decided with the help of random number generator. Therefore, if a machine hits the jackpot now, then it can do so in the following spin as well. This is why; there is no need to avoid a machine unless you like to change the scenery.

  • Situation 3: at times you decide to shun a specific casino as someone has told you that their machines are rigged.

    Possibly, this can be done, as someone can change the chip that calculates the payout rates. However, there are minimal chances that a casino can do this. Just like any other business, casinos also have to maintain their reputation, so they decide the payout rates sooner than the slots are distributed. If they want to later the rates, they would have to undergo numerous difficult procedures. You should always choose a reputed casino as well as websites, which are licensed and the payouts are transparent.

  • Situation 4: Sometime you find advertisements claiming definitive slot strategy which assures instant wins.

    This is a myth. You should completely avoid such advertisements. No one can find a definitive slot strategy. These people sell these secrets and make money on the internet but they do not employ these strategies. You should admit the fact that these games are based on luck and you cannot change the RNG odds or payouts. One can strive to minimize losses.

  • Situation 5: You play conventional casino as these pay back more as compared to online casinos

    Online gaming is economically viable as compared to the traditional slots. The statistics also prove that the payout rate is higher and they offer many other benefits.